Plotting a party?

Have The Plotting Parlour experience at your home or garden party.

Our beautiful van will arrive with a 5ft mobile bar which can be set up in your home or garden for birthday parties, hen do’s, weddings etc. We only use premium spirits and ingredients and we will take care of everything, from crushed and cubed ice to garnishes and glassware, we will do it all!

We typically suggest 3 cocktails per head and these can be picked by the customers to suit their taste. We will then do everything for the event; create the menu, provide all the alcohol, ice (crushed and cubed), glassware, bar equipment (and bar if needed) right through to garnishes.

For this we charge £30 per head and if the party would like more drinks, we charge £10 per drink thereafter. For local events close to Brighton and Hove, we can have a minimum of 2 cocktails per person for £20 with a minimum of 20 people.

Here are some examples of drinks to choose from:


St. Pierre: Pear & Cardamom Gin/Chartreuse/Citrus – Description: Bright/Floral/sour
Rum Plum Negroni: Plum Rum/Tonka Bean Campari/Sweet Vermouth – Description: Winter Spice/Bittersweet/Cocoa (this could be a good option for Xmas drink)
PP Espresso Martini: Vodka/Espresso/Salted Caramel – Description: Smooth/Sweet/Caramel (this could be a good option for Xmas drink & is a crowd pleaser)
Smoke Wheat Every: Bourbon/Amaro/Malted Barley – Description: Smokey/Booze Forward/Nutty (this could be a good option for Xmas drink)
Sage Against the Machine: Bourbon/Amaretto/Maraschino – Description: Light/Refreshing/Mojito meets Amaretto Sour
Guavalajara: Rum Blend/Guava/Citrus – Description: Long/Tropical/Tiki (this is a crowd pleaser most people would enjoy)
Ginger & Chilli Margarita: Tequila/Agave/Chilli Salt – Description: Spicy/Bright/Citrusy (this is another one of our crowd pleasers)


Peach Bellini: Prosecco/Peach
Mojito: White Rum/Mint/Lime/Soda
Cosmopolitan: Citron Vodka/Triple Sec/Cranberry/Lime
Amaretto Sour: Amaretto/Lemon/Bitters/foam
Whiskey Sour: Bourbon/Lemon/Sugar/bitters/Foamer
Pornstar Martini: Vanilla Vodka/Passion Fruit/Citrus/Prosecco
Lychee Martini: Gin/Lychee Liqueur/Citrus
Pina Colada: Rum/Coconut/lime/Pineapple


PP Spritz: Ginger/Passion Fruit/Mint/Ginger Beer
No-Groni: Non Alcoholic Negroni
Mojito: Apple/Mint/Lime/Soda
Fresh Juices: Apple/Orange/Grapefruit/Cranberry/Pineapple

These are just a few examples, the options are practically endless so if you have anything in mind then please let us know and I will see if it’s possible.

To enquire about your bespoke event please email