Reservations Brighton

Please note that your debit/credit card details are required to make a booking, but that your card will not be charged at the time of booking. Your booking will be held for 15 minutes. If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of your booking time, your card will be charged £5 per person for the number of people the booking was made for.

Please also note that we are a card-only venue, please ensure you can pay via card before you order drinks.

You and your guests must be over 18 to enter the venue. We can reserve tables up to a maximum group size of 10. Please send us a message if your group is bigger than this.

We will do our best to follow any booking requests, however, please be aware that we are a small venue situated over two floors – we may not always be able to reserve the area that you would like.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow dogs into the bar. Thank you for understanding.

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday 16:00 – 23:00 | Fridays & Saturdays 15:00 – 00:00

Please note that The Plotting Parlour operates an over 18 policy.